Our mission is to provide professional logistic services. We specialize in many different types of business expertise, leaving your mind at ease.

About Us


Promptra Logistics Services is a leading full scale transportation provider and supply chain enterprise. Our tremendous national capacity enables us to advance the supply chain of those we work with, and our tenacious focus and drive for the success of our client is what sets us apart. We are relentless in our service execution and are committed to working harder than anyone in order to uncover ways to decrease your transportation costs and increase your overall transport efficiency.

"At Promptra, we believe in the pursuit of happiness and we are committed to creating a culture where everyone matters."

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Promptra Offers Quick Pay Options


At Promptra we realize that our success means the success of our carriers. That is why we go the extra mile to create long term relationships with our carriers that benefit all parties involved. 24/7 dispatch: No matter what time of day or night if there is an issue we will resolve it then and there. Our team is accessible around the clock. We offer fuel advances and pay for lumper fees 24/7..



*1 day (Fees Apply)

*7 day (Fees Apply)

*Com Check (Fees Apply)

*US Mail (Fees Apply)

Safe and Secure


We have partnered with CargoNet and their national information sharing system to combat cargo theft. Our system enables more efficient, accurate and timely sharing of cargo theft information among theft victims, their insurers and law enforcement. We adhere to Strict Safety Guidelines for any carrier hauling your freight! All carriers must be in good standing with the FMCSA with a satisfactory rating and at least three other industry references.

Our Industry leading Insurance offers you piece of mind when your freight is being transported from place to place. $1M General and Automobile Liability with a $4M Umbrella and $250,000 of Cargo Insurance.

Message From Our Founder


Understanding a client’s needs is more than a one-person job. At Promptra you are assigned an account manager to help route and manage all freight requests and our team of Logistics Coordinators will then track and trace your shipment from pickup to delivery. We offer industry leading GPS tracking with real time updates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Promptra Logistics foundational fundamental philosophy is creating partnerships and relationships.

My name is Alex Adams, and I am the proud founder and CEO of Promptra Logistics, LLC.